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Sometimes we say, "I don't feel like myself today." How true! When our physical energy is 'switched', running in reverse, we are more at risk of absorbing another person's negative thoughts and influences and more at risk for mental and emotional mood swings, upsets or feelings of disturbance.

When the body is "torqued," or one hip extends beyond the other, several dysfunctions may occur. Whether it happens from over use of our dominant side, a physical fall, a bladder six obstruction, an emotional upset, a chemical or some other unknown disturbance, it is important to correct our energy flow.

  • Brain may feel "fuzzy," confused or dull.
  • Hearing the reverse of what someone says.
  • Not comprehending what we read.
  • Feeling "dizzy," "off-center," or out of balance.
  • Feeling dissociated, not whole, not complete, "spacey."
  • Going into a room for one thing and picking up another.
  • Not remembering where we are or what we're doing.
  • Saying opposite of what is intended.
  • Reversing words/letters in writing or speaking.
  • Dropping things, tripping, or losing physical balance.
Torque the Hip
So Simple A Child Can Do It

1) Lie on the back, place a book under the non-dominant hip, non-dominant buttock. Place one hand below and one hand above the dominant hip and gently push down with each exhalation. Or, simply rock the dominant hip up and down off the book while breathing slowly and deeply, with full abdominal breaths. Inhale and rock up, exhale and rock down. The energy system will correct within one to three gentle pushes.

Tap the three head points after the adjustment2) Tap the three head points for twenty to thirty seconds after the adjustment.

3) Perform the ECM for a full, deep and complete energy correction.

Ask for assistance and give thanks for the help that is always accessible. Hold gratitude, acceptance and unconditional love. Smile and stay strong!




(see book for full details, photographs and illustrations)


"Don't worry, be happy"

Bobby McFerrin

Perform a self-torque adjustment and tap the three GV head points daily. Rub the sore spot and kidney points as soon as you feel unhappy, unhealthy or off-centered. Hold the side of the hand and state the intentional meditation when needed. Practice the ECM at least three times a day or as long as necessary to feel balanced, peaceful, strong and joyful. Choose positive, unconditionally loving thoughts. Smile! Muscle testing also shows that Don't worry, be happysmiling strengthens our energy even when we think of disturbances. Muscle testing reveals that hydrating our body strengthens our energy. The appropriate amount of water, essential vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium (muscle test for dosage) strengthens and balances our energy system as well as certain organic essential oils (Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils, Carolyn Mein).

When we are feeling positive on a consistent basis, wean the ECM as needed. The affirmations prevent "mind mutiny" by successfully disciplining the mind by the Higher Self. Our higher power guides us to the light of strength, peace and unconditional love. Have a safe, healthy, joyful journey. Think well, be well, enjoy life! Remember the Light is always with us; may you always feel unconditional Love and Joy. Thank you for remembering that world peace begins with peace of mind. Namaste! (My Spirit honors yours!)


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