Shiome Therapy: Weaving Ancient and Modern Science for Transformational Healing Experiences

Shiome, The Way

Energy Correction Meditation (ECM)

A Unique CD

For Energy Psychology, EMDR, and the General Public

Dedicated to Great Spirit


A guided meditation with music designed to:

  • Strengthen the objective observer
  • Reinforce a 'Safe Space' feeling
  • Develop protective energy shields
  • Correct the body's energy systems

TRACKS 4 and 7 offer 16 and 6 minute ECMs

TRACK 6 (Bilateral Bliss) offers bilateral auditory brain stimulation music designed to:

  • Expand and deepen your meditation experience
  • Assist EMDR sessions
  • Accelerate the relaxation process
  • Stimulate the body's energy centers

Shiome, The Way CD, Energy 
        Correction Meditation, Bilateral Sound Stimulation


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