Shiome Therapy: Weaving Ancient and Modern Science for Transformational Healing Experiences

Shiome, The Way

Energy Correction Meditation (ECM)

Book and CD

Ripcurrent Relief

For Anxiety, Depression and Other Emotional Disturbances

By Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS


Shiome, The Way, Energy Correction Meditation, Ripcurrent Relief Therapy

Book Table of Contents

    Creating A Safe Space
    Body/Mind/Energy Connection
    I Can Do It Myself
    The Happy Button
    Releasing Specific Unwanted Energy
    Centered In Peace And Strength
    Here Now, Safe Now
    Conceiving Of My Value
    "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
    A True Story
    Creating A Safe Space
    Unconditional Love
    The Dolphin Protocol


The Energy Correction Meditation (ECM) is the result of synchronistic connections, mysterious events and joyfully interesting discoveries—fruits of my labor of love—thoughts, affirmations or mantras that enhance our energy system and help keep positive energy flowing into our life and around the planet.

The ECM combines east and west energy science. The brief energy correction taught in Energy Psychology (Gallo, Callahan, the BDB Group and others) evolved into the ECM by meditating on thoughts and feelings related to the specific meridians or pathways being touched. Holding the points while focusing on truthful affirmations connects one to positive feelings. The energy law of attraction—like attracts like—relates to the law of manifestation; we materialize our intentions through electro-molecular changes that manifest matter (Sacred Verses/Healing Sounds, Deepak Chopra). It is profoundly imperative to recognize how thoughts, feelings and visions create life events. Be careful what is held in mind—it magnifies the issue. "I am..." is a powerful affirmation. "I am feeling sick" is more accurate than "I am sick." "What you focus on expands," T. Harv Eker shares in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (2005).

The human body has at least eight intricate electromagnetic energy systems. Donna Eden's Energy Medicine systematically describes each flow and gives simple exercises to keep our energy moving in a healthy, positive direction. We have seven major chakras with many minor chakras (vortexes of energy) spiraling in one unique wave. Twelve meridians, including "strange flows," move through internal pathways that affect every organ of our body and two vessels or central governing pathways flow like rivers of light within the physical body. Seven layers of seven chakras surround our physical body. It is fascinating to study the energy fields and learn how energy affects our body and mind. We literally are electromagnetic energy fields creating our life.

'Truth is One, Paths are Many'

Yoga Affirmation

Clinicians need to carefully separate religion from spirituality. Spirituality is how we access our spirit or energy source. Yoga, meaning union, is a science that observes energy. With three thousand years of facilitating our connection to our energy source, yoga gives one the experience of connecting the self (personality) to the Self (Higher Power). Life force is contained in every cell of the body, taken in with each breath. As we learn to slow our breath and become more aware of our connection, our consciousness expands and our awareness grows.

...In peace we find strength, the power of our loving source—graceful and joyful as a dolphin. Thought power guarantees we create our life with our beliefs. Fearful thoughts create weakness and disturbance; loving thoughts create strength and balance. We have free will to choose. By asking our self "How would unconditional love do this?" we ask to choose loving thoughts that safely strengthen our life without wasting precious life force. Plugging into unconditional love, we've GOT the Highest Power. Peace, joy, love make our muscles strong—science confirms it with Applied Kinesiology.

Shiome and Calf, Maui, Hawaii 1999
Shiome and Sedna

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science."

Albert Einstein

Shiome is a Japanese word and the name of a wild spinner dolphin I met in Maui. The story about our mysterious encounter is entitled Something Special. It was a miracle that transformed my depressed state of mind to a euphoric one in an instant. She is the inspiration of my logo and my work. The beauty of quantum physics is that it explains these miracles—Shiome, Pranic Healing, EMDR, Energy Medicine, Prayer and Divine Intervention. The books Science & Human Transformation, Conscious Acts of Creation, Mind Into Matter and The Field, The Search For The Secret Force Of The Universe (see recommended references) are some of the important works that demystify miracles. Healing depends on how science is applied. It is a therapist's responsibility to keep an open mind, keep learning and growing. The ECM can assist us in emotional situations, accelerate inner peace and connect us to our source of power. Whatever we do in life, ECM can help us do it better. When clients claim I work miracles for them, I tell them it"s really an awesome science. I am as amazed as they are about the whole process. I am positively energized by the work.

Towards The Light
Towards The Light
Photo credit: Jan Phillips

My dream since early childhood is for every one to love, accept and respect each other. It is simple, but not easy. We live in an energy field influenced by unconscious and conscious thoughts and vibrations. When we realize the effect of the multitude of electro-magnetic waves that flow through our being daily it becomes imperative to raise awareness and act responsibly. We have the ability to create the highest possible good for our self and everyone else. It is as simple as a smile. To "whistle while you work" is challenging, but it is possible to maintain equilibrium. Yoga 'sadhana' means 'spiritual duty', tasks performed with self-less service in mind, free from negative energy. Science shows how connecting with positive energy can create miracles. My hope, the collective hope of many people ( and worldwide), is that we connect with positive energy fields and create a healthy planet together. We can create positive spirals of energy, a quantum leap in consciousness, collectively balancing energy within and around us. Any one of us may be the 'Hundredth Monkey' (Ken Keyes, Jr.), i.e., the one who affects a total shift of consciousness for the world community. It doesn't take a quantum physicist to know our planet is in desperate need of this phenomenon. May you find your connecting affirmation and joyfully unite with others in the Light. May you find your star and remember who you truly are. Please enjoy the ECM and pass it forward to your family and friends...


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